Tuesday, July 3, 2012

6 Things You Absolutely MUST Know Before You Purchase Your Aircraft!!

6 Things You Absolutely MUST Know
BEFORE You PURCHASE Your Aircraft!!

1.    Finding THE EXACT AIRCRAFT for sale is like searching for a needle in a haystack!  Many popular jet listing sites are like a conundrum of Walmarts, with hundreds of jets for sale. Individual listings get buried among the masses, and many can be represented over and over by different brokers if there is “no exclusive listing” which then becomes a waste of time for everyone!  A better alternative:  Micro Jet Network doesn’t just offer you THEIR OWN EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS, but rather will research ALL KNOWN LISTINGS and will offer the TOP THREE VALUES that most represent and match the Buyer’s specifications and requirements.   This involves no less than 25 hours of time invested on MJN’s side that is performed at NO CHARGE to the buyers that MJN represents.  The buyers could spend 25+ hours out of their day/week/month/year, or they can exclusively assign these tasks over to MJN so that they can continue to focus on THEIR OWN BUSINESS SUCCESS.

2.    NOBODY WILL WORK WITH YOU DIRECTLY if they know you are shopping around and making offers on every aircraft listing!  You could spend weeks and months calling upon every Aircraft Listing known, make offers on each, and nickel and dime every seller until they get turned off and the word gets out about you and all of the offers out there. 
A better alternative:  Micro Jet Network will construct and represent a FIRST CLASS LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) that clearly depicts YOUR AIRCRAFT REQUIREMENTS and will submit ONE TIME to each pre-qualified seller.  This will keep frustrations down to a minimum, and help the Buyer and Seller to work out terms that are “MUTUALLY AGREEABLE” in an approved corporate setting.    No other company even comes close to the level of integrity provided by Micro Jet Network.

3.    YOU MAY END UP PAYING 10%-15% MORE FOR YOUR AIRCRAFT if you choose to represent yourself during the purchase process!  Once you start putting offers out there, there is no turning back.  Your information will be put into a database every time you inquire about an aircraft listing for sale.  What does this mean to you?  It means that usually there is an aircraft listing that you inquired about, but it’s not available for the price you want to pay, or doesn’t have exactly what you are wanting, or it’s already under contract for a higher amount that you are willing to spend.  Now you’re going to end up getting phone calls and non-stop emails from the sales brokers trying to sell you someone else’s listing(s) which will require that you take more time out of your busy days to deal with each of these sales associates contacting you (and many are relentless, no better than the worst and most persistent USED CAR SALESMEN known).  Please make sure you know what will happen when you start contacting everyone so that you can be prepared for the tumultuous sales calls that are sure to follow until you purchase from them!  Add up all of your time taken away!  A better alternative:  Micro Jet Network charges nothing to represent you and take care of contacting all of the jets that meet your requirements wanted!   We only get paid upon completion and funding of a successful transaction. You have ZERO risk!  

4.    Are you really SEEING ALL KNOWN AIRCRAFT LISTED for sale?  Unless you spend over $1,200/monthly to subscribe to every known Aircraft Listing Subscription Company, how do you know about ALL KNOWN AIRCRAFT FOR SALE?  Only a handful of experienced brokers know about ALL KNOWN AIRCRAFT FOR SALE.  A better alternative:  MJN can help you find the perfect aircraft, at the perfect price, and delivered/available when YOU NEED IT!  Micro Jet Network has a broker/dealer network of over 3,000 individual airplane brokers who we will notify about your position. This network has taken years to create and it is both comprehensive and very effective.

5.    How do you know what to offer IF YOU AREN’T FAMILIAR WITH RECENT COMPARABLE SALE PRICES?   I’ve seen this over and over:  “Emotions taking over when Purchasers/Buyers are making offers with Real Estate, Expensive Cars, and Aircraft purchases.”  Without pulling “recent sales,” Buyers are out there making OFFERS THAT ARE TOO HIGH. 
A better alternative:  MJN can help you find the perfect aircraft, at the perfect price, and delivered.  MJN has helped Buyers successfully make the right offers on Eclipse Jets, Citation Mustang Jets, Embraer Phenom 100s/300’s, Lear Jets, and can help you!   As part of their services, they provide everything to ensure a smooth transaction, including the LOI contracts, assignment forms, and escrow/title agents.  They are a “one stop shop that offers the best value,” coaching Buyers from Step A to a seamless closing and ALL at the SELLER’s expense!

6.    YOU ONLY HAVE 2 CHOICES!  Either over pay and start making offers on jets that you really don’t know what recent sales prices are yielding, or allow MJN to represent you during the entire sales process (for FREE), while the Seller pays MJN a reduced commission so that you don’t have to!  Instead, you stay focused on what you do best:  “TENDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS,” while MJN focuses on what they do best: “FINDING YOU THE BEST AIRCRAFT AT THE BEST SALE PRICE!”  That’s it.  It’s that easy…

I look forward to assisting you…


Dean Andrew Kantis

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